About Us
The "us" is actually just "me."  I'm Adriann Campbell Griffith:  artist, designer, writer, imagine-er.  Mississippi girl by birth, I've actually spent almost half my life painting and creating in the Baton Rouge area.  To be exact, I'm a Denham Springs artist.
inspiration for the name Spikenard ArtworksPeople ask why I would name an art studio after a botanical like nardostachys jatamansi-- otherwie known as "spikenard. " Well, spikenard has been treasured since ancient times for its fragrance, and the Gospel of John recounts a woman pouring out an extravagant offering of spikenard in worhsip of  Jesus.  Mary's offering wasn't just an outpouring of expensive ointment; it was a lavish and loving outpouring of herself.  My desire is that my artwork be that sort of open expression of  love for Him. 
Unsurprisingly, most of my work would be called Christian art.  Actually all my work, whether or not  it has an obvious "Christian" theme, owes its inspiration , as I owe my creativity, to the Creator.
Since we're talking about creativity, allow me to introduce you to another Christian on an artistic journey'  Her name is Kristi Levatino; please visit her website KB Designs.
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